Facebook founder: young, handsome, has a 1.6 trillion

“Facebook If a country, it will be the country with the eighth largest population in the world”

At this time who does not have a facebook account can be outdated. Starting from a small child, youth, faculty, staff, legislative candidates, register to become members compete in the social network sites such as myspace or facebook

Do not know, facebook initially only as a network of friends made the Harvard campus, the author is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook name is taken from the name list of members of the book in a campus community

Mark Zuckerberg was born in Dobb Ferry, Westcherster County, New York, 14 May 1984. Harvard take on the psychology majors, although it did not. Have a wealth of U.S. $ 1.5 billion (approximately 16.5 billion), ranking to the 785 richest people in the world’s version of Forbes magazine in 2008. Magazine this crown as Mark Zuckerberg the youngest self-made billionaire on the planet”

Facebook can find a strong magnet that attracts many people to join, Mark Zuckerberg chose to drop out on serious business. Together with his friends, facebook is seriously prepared for the world. Until the end of 2008, claimed more than 150 million people to become a member of Facebook, the market potential for advertisers, an extraordinary growth.

“rich from selling equity”

The number of facebook members who made the huge gold mine that arouse, Mark and his friends to catch a big business opportunity. Facebook obtain funds from PayPal first of USD 500,000. After exceeding 1 million members, facebook invites Accel Partners, Venture Capital company to finance development. Deal is a spectacular bid from Microsoft 240juta only USD 1.6 shares for facebook. Investors seem to jor-fishing gear to fund facebook, called Viacom-call, Yahoo, Google, and the others scramble facebook share bid, said Mark far facebook will not be sold.

With the wealth of excess, Mark prefers to live in a rental place, one table, a chair, mattress laid on the floor. Went home office also ride a bicycle or walk.

conclusion: I believe many women have approached him.

9 tanggapan untuk “Facebook founder: young, handsome, has a 1.6 trillion”

  1. Facebook memang fenomenal, lahir dari sosok seorang mahasiswa yang sekarang menjadi CEO-nya.

    Tapi jangan salah, meskipun Facebook banyak penggunanya tapi jumlah pemasukan yang mereka dapatkan dari iklan yang terpasang sangat jauh sekali dibanding dengan situs-situs jejaring sosial lainnya.

    Hal ini berdasarkan pandangan dari Mark untuk memperluas pangsa pasar mereka terlebih dahulu (volume), baru nanti mulai serius menggarap pasar iklan online.

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